Common and cloud components

HEAT 4.0 offers common components where the Commercial Cloud is the most prominent example. Below you find a list of such common components to the HEAT 4.0 platform for district heating.

Commercial Cloud

From the point of view of a District Heating operator, the handling of data sharing is a very tediouse and demanding task that is not part of the main tasks of a district heating operator. Hence a solution that can handle all the necessary task is a wellcome service for the district heating operators. Here we describe such a service.

From autumn 2022, the partner Center Denmark is able to offer at commercial cloud component to the HEAT 4.0 platform to support district heating operators. In a first version, the cloud will be able to handle secure and robust data sharing within the HEAT 4.0 platform and partner projects.
The solution will handle all the necessary data management, handling, standardization, resampling, cleansing, error detection and other processes on the data involved.
The solution will ensure state-of-the-art secure data sharing and ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR by the EU.

One of the main innovation of the HEAT 4.0 consortium is the concept that enables secure 3’rd party access between HEAT 4.0 partners. This is an important service that gives the DH operator a user-friendly control over access to their data from other parties (3rd parties). Hereby this solution helps the operator to comply with regulations, e.g. GDPR regulations by the EU.

You find further information on the Commercial Cloud on {LINK???}

Research Cloud

On basis of the Science Cloud for CITIES (also called Science Cloud) a cloud was developed by DTU Library in cooperation with the CITIES project [LINK to description og Science Cloud] and [1]. This solution built the backbone of the HEAT 4.0 innovaiton project during the whole periode of the project. The Commercial Cloud (above) takes over in autumn 2022, whereafter the Science Cloud remaines to be the favorit cloud solution for research, innovation and eduction by DTU. The system is runned by a cooperation between DTU Management and DTU Compute.

[1] Heller, A., Liu, X., & Gianniou, P. (2017). A Science Cloud for Smart Cities Research. Energy Procedia, 122, 679-684 LINK to publication on the Science Cloud.