HEAT 4.0 is a cooperative business approach that aims at supporting the district heating sector with digitally supported solutions, services, software, hardware, methods and algorithms. HEAT 4.0 promotes a common organisational and technical platform for customers to engage with.

HEAT 4.0 is also an interdisciplinary innovation project supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) with 3.4 Mio. €. The project aims at creating the next-generation digital platform for the district heating sector.

The project consists of 16 partners representing the whole value chain of the district heating sector that are visualised in the Figure to the rights.
See also Partners for details.

The IFD project was carried out between 2019 to 2022, whereafter the HEAT 4.0 consortium is maintained as an open consortium, where interested district heating companies from Denmark can contact any partner to get a ‘single point of contact’. For international district heating companies, NIRAS is the first contact point.

 Steering Committee behind HEAT 4.0:

  • Helge S. Hansen, Trefor (chairman)
  • Atli Benonysson, DANFOSS (vice chairman)
  • Michael Lassen Schmidt, NIRAS (project owner)
  • Henrik Madsen, DTU
  • Thorkil B. Neergaard, Brønderslev Forsyning
  • Kim Behnke, Dansk Fjernvarme | Grøn Energi
  • Anders Andersen, EMD International
  • Martin L. Petersen, LOGSTOR/Kingspan
  • Steffen Petersen, Aarhus University
  • Søren Skov Bording, Center Denmark