Bronderslev Utilities

A HEAT 4.0 Partner case

The HEAT 4.0 partner DH operator in Bronderslev, Denmark (Danish: Brønderslev Forsyning) demonstrates most of the HEAT 4.0 solutions. Bronderslev DH has contributet decisivelly to the developent, testing and documentation of the many solutions by the project. After finalising the HEAT 4.0 Innovationfund project, the plant applies these solutions in the daily operation of the very complex plant with an improved ecologic and economic efficiency.

Bronderslev District Heating was the first to standardize their data sharing and communication towards HEAT 4.0. Hereby the company contributed to the ‘preparation procedures’ that a future district heating operator must meet to be able to integrate with the digital surrounding.This part is generic and will in any way be demanded, when the DH operator wishes to have digital system integrations of any means. {How done?}

The Cross System Optimizationg (CSO) is one of the main innovation of HEAT 4.0. In short, the CSO aims at getting the district heating optimized accros the entire system, from production over distribution to the demand. This subject is one of the main innovations of HEAT 4.0 and you will find much more on the topic by a search on this homepage.

From the table below, you find in which solutions Bronderslev DH implemented CSO. A complete report on the subject can be found at this {TODO: LINK}.

Table with applied HEAT 4.0 solutions.

The table shows the implementation of the partner solutions that are involved in the Cross System Optimization at Bronderslev District Heating. There are software solution by EMD for production optimization and optimal bids to the electricity market, Enfor supplying weather and load forecasts plus temperature optimization, and the two companies Leanheat and Neogrid that provide optimization of the buildings (including optmization of units by Danfoss).

The results of these developments can be found in {TODO: LINK}.

Bronderslev District Heating collected their view on HEAT 4.0 in a brochure that can be downloaded at {TODO: LINK}.

You find a Danish variation of this case descriptions and results.